Game course

Game course When children will well master movements, their sequence, it is possible to offer game without display from outside the adult, but only on verbal team.

Vodichka Purpose development of imitation movements of the adult; development of understanding of speech.

Game course Children stand in a row, the teacher becomes opposite.

I will tell a rhyme and to show movements, and you repeat for me! Vodichka, vodichka! we touch fingers from top to down Wash my face! we simulate movements we wash That eyes shone, forefingers it is shown on eyes That cheeks reddened, we touch cheeks That the rotok laughed we smile That bit teeth! fingers we represent a sting; Here we washed.

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I am not roofing

I am not roofing And then she on herself turns for me into pleasure.

I am not roofing felt to I will not receive punishment, but parents, maybe, will award me in kg an eskimo.

Important not it, but that I will enjoy because this work is important in the opinion of people around.

I will not concede it to anybody, in it I will be engaged, because it becomes important to me.

Everything depends on how round ourselves we create an environment which any, even the heaviest antiegoistical action, uplifts inour eyes on such height, gives it such importance that we carry out it with pleasure.

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The only thing

The only thing These children constantly wait for excitement of the following adventure.

It is boring for them at school.

They break discipline.

The only thing that parents can give them, is to help them to count danger, to teach to keep clear thinking under the impact of a menacing situation.

Solution of problemsSolving a problem, orange check all factors, count dangers, pass mentally all possible situations, check the equipment.

They thoroughly plan the life and death.

Other problems do not excite them.

MoneyThey, probably, feel that their life will be short because of constant risk.

Therefore they are inclined to treat money irresponsibly.

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Signals Some signals about the help can arrive even through diseases.

Signals about the help In the childhood while there was a suppression process education, having been tired of violence, shouts and without coping with conditions in which appeared, people fall ill.

The appeared cold is a shout HELP! At this time the emergency help of parents is necessary to understand and support the child.

Without understanding this shout, start to treat the child for cold or ORZ.

The fashion changes, the pharmacology creates more and more new and expensive preparations therefore doctors start to make the new diagnosis, allowing to write out other recipes.

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Other boys

Other boys Be not surprised, if it begins early sexual life and will make several girls pregnant women.

And it will be sincerely sure that it they are guilty and should get out of this situation independently.

Seeing in a family of parents as the father refuses any responsibility, the young man will decline all responsibility for happened and still can even accuse the girl that she became pregnant from another.

Other boys understood that the woman needs to be respected that on mother never it is impossible to raise the voice.

Thanks to behavior of the father boys learned to treat respectfully women and to render them attention signs.

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And after

And after It is discouraged.

And the girl winked at me and asked, whether it is impossible for it to sit near me on a forward seat when we will go by the bus to library.

And after all I still did not manage to tell at all to children that we gather to library.

Well I could tell I told It is possible.

For some time I simply could not say that occurred that day.

This event completely overturned my idea of reality, I could not explain it for myself in any way.

I simply knew that occurred, and knew that I not the madwoman.

Next week Anna left to have a rest with parents to Mexico.

There, playing once with ear rings of mother, it lost one of them.

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The pediatrist

The pediatrist the Child can have all necessary for growth and development nutrients, but only under one condition products in its diet should be various.

Before beginning schooling of the kid to vegetarianism, consult to the doctor.

The pediatrist will recommend you products and dishes which should be entered into a diet of the child.

The doctor will pay your attention to the most important components of a children's diet and will help to make balanced on proteins, fats and menu carbohydrates.

Vegetarian diet with addition of eggs and milk.

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